Why I Choose to Work Smarter AND Harder

If you know me, you will probably have seen my tendency of spreading light and love wherever I go… until something really gets on my nerves.

Like this saying “Work smarter not harder”

It gets on my nerves because I know how it feels to be the one that is struggling. It used to be me.

And this saying used to puzzle me. It would make me think:

“But HOW can I work smarter and not harder? How can I stop working 16 hour days when I’m not making the impact or receiving the income I want? Is what I’m doing right now not “SMART” enough for some people? When people make it, do they then STOP working hard and sit on a hammock all day drinking pina coladas while the money rolls in?”

And I would ALWAYS see that is was the people that “made it” that would say that. The ones with the “10k months” (and it’s why you won’t see me say shit like that either!)

I found it incredibly patronizing and it made me angry.


The more successful I become the most I stand by my adjustment of this saying

“Work smart AND hard”

Working hard is in my DNA and the harder I work, the bigger the impact I have on the world.

Working smarter comes with experience, knowledge and support from those that I have chosen to have in my corner.

The changes I have made in peoples’ lives, the mindset blocks I have helped people overcome and to the success those people have gone on to make thanks to the knowledge and experience I share with them are testimony to my hard work and the biggest thing of all?

None of that would happen without my clients HARD WORK too!

You have to COMMIT to the change you want to make to your life and to others’ lives, working smarter AND harder!

And yes, you CAN work hard and still have time for self-care and days swinging on a hammock, cocktail in hand or a week on the beach.


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