You Don’t Have Your Sh*t Together So Who Can You Help?

Ouch, right?

When things aren’t going too well for us, (especially in the coaching world) we feel like we are hypocrites for falling off of the band wagon we preach on the daily!

That sh*t is not cool!


That sh*t is what you call HUMAN!

Who is going to believe that anyone is perfect all of the time!?

There’s one thing that always remains despite how much you may be struggling right now, and that is your passion to help people and to make the world a better place. Have you noticed how, no matter what you are dealing with, that feeling never goes away?

And think about the amount of people in the world that are helping others that have been through major hurdles in their life. If they were perfect, who would they help?

Humans have to be imperfect to help others.

you have to remind yourself that you are always one step ahead of someone that needs your help.

Helping others has much less to do with what’s going on in your personal life right now than you think.

What matters is your ability to help others through your service by helping them see a block that’s within their life and helping them overcome it.

That is a healer ^^^ and that is what you are.

I’m a great mindset and marketing coach because I’ve been through some tough times within my life and businesses and struggled with strategies (and sometimes still do!)

What matters is that we are always learning new ways to improve our lives and our businesses and we pass that on to those that we know we can help.

Learning is living!

There are many women out there that need your help in a way that only YOU can provide. They will like only you and they will trust only you to help heal them. And by denying yourself this opportunity to help these women they are also struggling for longer than they need to and that’s causing pain for both of you.

If you are struggling with the thought of needing to get your shit together before you can help people.


Take some time out for some self-care today. Be proud of who you are and what you have been through. Focus on all of the above and the good that you can provide to the world. Remember why you started this journey and those that you know you can help.

Don’t let your inner mean girl tell you that you aren’t good enough to help others.

Get out there and start making the impact you crave!

Never give up on yourself.

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