When People Don’t Support You And Your Dreams of Building A Business

When people you thought were your friends (and sometimes even family members) show a serious lack of support for your business it can make you feel pretty low.

You started this business because you want to create a better life for yourself and your family. To finally build the dream life you have always… well, dreamed about!

You decided to take action!

It’s not helpful when people question what you do with your business and it certainly doesn’t feel good.

It can even be dangerous to your business and plant a seed of doubt in your mind.

  • What if you are doing all of this wrong?
  • What if you fail?
  • What if all of this is for nothing and you will end up back where you started in a 9-5 and miserable?

I’ve had all of those doubts too

When I first started in business people used to question what I was doing. I had so much faith in my business and in my ability as a coach. I knew I could help people in so many ways and it meant so much to me. I was extremely passionate about my dreams in my own business and helping others in theirs.

But it didn’t stop my parents being worried about me making mistakes and reminding me a little too often.

It didn’t stop my fiance telling me I worked too hard and to give myself a break.

And I know it didn’t stop some so called “friends” ridicule me behind my back or make sarcastic comments about my visibility online.

There will be times when you will feel this way.

You have to be very strong emotionally to be an entrepreneur and take the risks needed to become successful in business.

There will be times where you will cry.

There will be times where you will wonder “what the hell am I doing that’s not working?” (Sheesh! The amount of times I thought this and I still have these moments.)

There will certainly be times where you wonder what happened to friends that you’ve known for years that all of a sudden seem to fear of getting on the awkward subject of your business (or they may even disappear altogether!)

But you have to keep faith in yourself when no one else will.

When your faith is stronger than your fear of all these things none of all that matters.

It still hurts you know and I’m not saying refuse to be upset.

Have your moment, cry, scream, get angry! (Send me an email and let it all out!)

And then let that emotion drive you, let it be fuel to your already burning fire to make sure you succeed and prove those doubters wrong.

Remind yourself of all of your wins, no matter how small they seem right now. Write them down, read them aloud every time you feel doubt about your journey. Look how far you have come.

Embrace the fact that for each person who doubts you, twice as many will thank you for the value and support that you provide them.

You can have the life and business you dream of.
I believe in you!

Never give up on yourself.

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